Saturday, March 14, 2020

Memorydex Card Tutorial

Welcome back everyone, today we're going to make a Memorydex card with absolutely NO special tools... That's right, Cardstock, ruler, pencil, scissors, paper trimmer and a hole punch. Simple enough, right? Wait, there is a catch.... It's not only a memorydex card, it's a memorydex CARD! Please do stick around as we make this cool project!!

You will need glue, cardstock of your choosing, a trimmer, pencil,
ruler, scissors, and a hole punch. 

Instructions for making this project:

  • First, we need to locate our cardstock for the base and a trimmer. (I used Arteza 140 lb. watercolor paper for mine).
  • Now, we cut a piece of cardstock to 4x8. We then need to fold the cardstock at the 4 inch line so we can make a card shape.
  • Next, we mark a line with our ruler and pencil at 1/2 inch on the top of the base and also a 1/2 inch mark just above the fold. 
  • With our ruler on the bottom fold line, we now need to mark on the line at 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 inches.
  • When we are done with those lines, we will then get our hole punch and punch at each intersection, making sure that we punch at the cross hairs of the line going across (the 1/2 inch line) and the 1 1/2 inch line, and subsequently, the 2 1/2 inch line. 
  • The next step is to cut a slit under each hole, making it about 1/16-1/8 inches wide. (just so it can fit snugly through the bars on a memorydex card holder. 
  • Now we turn to our tp 1/2 inch line. We need to mark on that at the 2 inch line. After we make the mark, we need to grab our scissors and cut from the top of the card to the 1/2 inch line. Now we can cut the right half off the card and have a tab on the left. This is what the card should look like when closed and opened.

Memorydex card, closed

Memorydex card, open

  • Now, we can round all the edges of the card, if desired. 
  • Other than that, it's all up to you and your own imagionation!


Hope to see you next time!!

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